Form I-539

How to pay a filing fee for a form I-539?

The payment procedure for filing a form I-539 might seem quite complicated but only at first sight. In order to avoid any possible difficulties a person should get insight on payment rules and methods. There are several of them. It is very important for a person to list a fee correctly on a payment bill or money order. Remember that fee amounts which you state should be the latest one. It will be easy to do if you check first the amount of a fee on the website of USCIS. If a person sates incorrect amount/amounts, a form further will be rejected that can influence an ability to stay on the territory of the U.S.

Sometimes a person needs to file two or more applications. In this case it would be better to have a separate bill for each application, because if one or more of them are rejected, the others will be rejected too. If this happens, the USCIS will not refund partial pays. When paying a fee, it is compulsory for a person to draw up as well as to pay a cheque or a payment order in any bank or other financial institution which is situated on the territory of the United States. Pay a fee in U.S. currency only.

When a person is filing an application to extend or change nonimmigrant status for the first time or isn`t sure in correctness of his/her actions, he/she may have some difficulties. In order a situation not to be complicated, some people apply an experienced lawyer who can help to avoid delays and rejections. Remember that such service is not free. The amount of payment for lawyer`s assistance comes within a range of 500 USD to 1,500 USD. A person doesn`t need a lawyer when situation is simple and clear, but when situation is confusing it`s better to pay and be sure that your I-539 won`t be rejected and you will avoid all further misunderstandings. In some instances an I-539 can be filed online. For this a person needs to pay a service fee with the help of a credit card or transfer necessary amount electronically from his/her account in U.S. bank.

Remember that a service fee for filing an application isn`t included into a payment for lawyer`s assistance. After all fees are paid a lawyer may ask you to submit all bills and cheques which further will be attached to your application(s).

There are some situations when a filing fee can be waived. Sometimes a person is unable to pay a filing fee. In this case he/she needs to submit clear evidences of inability to pay to USCIS for further consideration. Some more exceptions can be made regarding people who are required to pay a biometric fee and spouses or minor children of owners of E-2 CNMI investor visa. For more details you may go to the website of USCIS.

Take into account that if you gathered all necessary documents, filled in an application correctly and paid all necessary fees, be sure a form will be accepted without any problems.