Form I-539

Filing procedure of a form i-539

A form i-539 is kind of a document which a person needs when extending, reinstating or changing his/her nonimmigrant status being on the territory of the USA. Procedure of changing a status allows a foreigner who stays in a country on legal basis to file an application for assignment of other immigration status. For instance, when a person finishes his/her studying and wants to obtain a working visa. Such form is also used for relatives and visitors of foreign citizens who work or study in United States.

Tips for preparing a form

Here find some important tips to prepare a document correctly. Draw attention to the fact that there are situations when i-539 isn`t required, so before preparing such form it`s important to apply a lawyer and discuss exact cases when this form is necessary in order to avoid further misunderstandings. When filing an application to extend or change nonimmigrant status, keep in mind to use the most recent version because application forms can change from time to time. If you use an old version of a form or it is filled incorrectly, it could be further rejected by USCIS. You can easily check the latest form templates on the website of USCIS.

A person mustn`t miss an expiration date of his/her visa and should start to prepare a form beforehand with the view to meet the timeline. Sometimes foreign nationals have to gather other documents which further will be attached to a form. Remember to take a legal advice first regarding cases when you need additional documents.

Fee payment procedure

Foreign nationals should remember that they have to pay certain fee for such service. Periodically the amount of a service fee can be changed. As of 2015 payment of service fee is 290 USD and is accepted as a regular payment amount. The fee amount can differ according to a purpose of filing a form.

Remember that it is important to pay the latest fee, amount of which you can check on the website of USCIS. A person has to pay the correct amount which is required according to his/her situation in order an i-539 not to be rejected because a rejection can seriously influence your stay on the territory of United States. If a person has to submit some supporting documents to his/her form, he/she should expect to pay additional amount for them. When you decide to get assistance of a lawyer who helps you with filing a form, be ready to pay the amount up to 500 USD.

There are such cases when applicants don`t have to pay a fee or can wive payment. For more details you should apply to the lawyer or go the website of USCIS.

According to abovementioned, there are three main steps to ensure your form is accepted:

  • provide all necessary information accurately and correctly;
  • pay the latest fee;
  • discuss all specific moments with the lawyer to avoid difficulties.