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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing H1 to h4 i 539 sample

Instructions and Help about H1 to h4 i 539 sample

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is attorney sharp rally with a series on answering questions what we are getting on our forum SP lo forum the link is below and I will also put the questions of the of the person below and hopefully I am able to I can answer you those those questions as we go and since we get a lot of questions when on and those forums sometimes I like to write about it but right now it's a little bit busy with the h-1b season so I'm just giving you quick videos of us I got if an h-1b is changing to h4 EAD the question is basically moving from h4 EAD to h1 I wanted to do if someone goes on let's say someone is on h1 and then they move to h4 and ultimately the IDI can they move back to the edge for a to the h1 all right can they move back to the h1 and not be subject to the cap and what happens if they move to h1 and they leave for maternity leave and things like that so these are two separate issues that we are getting here so I wanted to kind of give a quick answer on that first of all once you are in the h-1b cap exam you are under the cap exam so as long as you don't pass six years and even if you pass six years and you have an i-140 you can always come back usually not always but there are some limitation within six years so for example mr. X Oh mrs. X got a an h1 was an h-1b two years down the road she wants to go on h4 and H 480 by the way it's H for the status not the yetee theyetee just something because she's eligible for that so she works on h4 for one or two years and ultimately she gets a job somewhere but they want to put her an edge one so does that the question is is she cap exam yes she's cap exam she can actually come back on that h1 of course it will be always better to stay on the edge for year D because a lot of more potential but if if that person wants to move on h1 back she is GAAP example he East gap exam I'm talking here whichever's passes on the edge for and they can just easily what they need to do is a new employment and the cap-exempt transfer status from h4 to h1 as simple as that if it is done properly in the premium within 3-4 weeks that person will be back on h1 if it is approved so there's no big difficulties going back on your h1 now if you pass the six years and you're reaching close to the six years then it's not a good idea to actually move on to to the h1.


How do I go about to file for I 539 change of status from H1 to H4? My H1 expires in June. Hope I have sufficient time if I start now.?
You need to file the I-539 before the H-1B status expires. It doesn't have to be approved before the H-1B expires, just filed.
Should the I-539 application to USCIS for my status change from H1 to H4 be done directly by me or by my spouse's employer?
Hello:The H-4 is done by you. However, you may need supporting documentation from the employer in order to verify the status of the H-1.
U.S. Immigration: Can you file for I-539 (from F1-OPT to H4) and H4-EAD, when your H1B petition is under process?
I totally agree with attorney Rizzo's answer. Current regulations allow certain students with pending or approved H-1B petitions to remain in F-1 status during the period of time where an F-1 student’s status and work authorization would otherwise expire, and up to the start of their approved H-1B employment period, so it means automatic extension until September 30.This is referred to as filling the “cap gap”, meaning the regulations pra way of filling the “gap” between F-1 and H-1B status that might otherwise occur if F-1 status was not extended for qualifying students. An interim final rule published in the Federal Register last year authorized a cap gap extension for eligible students. See 73 FR 18944 (April 8, 2022. “Extending Period of Optional Practical Training by 17 Months for F-1 Non-immigrant Students With STEM Degrees and Expanding Cap-Gap Relief for All F-1 Students With Pending H-1B Petitions.”http://www.iv-law.com/immigratio...
How is H4 to H1 different from H1 to H1?
H4 to H1 is change of status. A different visa. You cannot work on H4 (unless you have valid H4 EAD). After transition to H1 from H4, you can only start working once the H1 starts. If this is the first time you are getting H1 visa, then the start date is usually Oct 1 on that year.H1 to H1 is just transfer of same visa from one employer to another.You can start working as soon as the transfer receipt is available.
Will I have to file H4 EAD again if I do a change of status from H4 EAD - H1-  H4?
If you are on H4 your EAD will be valid and no need of new application. If you changed to H1B and now changeing back to H4 , you need to reapply for new H4EAD
How will USCIS• latest policy of "notice to appear"affect the change of status? My H4 to F1 (I-539) is pending since 4 months now.
As long as your H4 remains valid, there shouldn’t be an issue. If F1 is approved, you become a student. If F1 is denied, you will continue on H4. If however your H4 expires and F1 is denied, you may be subject to an NTA because you went out of legal status. On the other hand, if you do encounter the latter situation, you are out of status anyway.With lack of clarity on this new policy, it is time that’ll tell what this truly means.
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