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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where to file i-539 for b2

Instructions and Help about Where to file i-539 for b2

I had this marital sonic founder of immigration Liz and in this video we cannot discuss visa extension so if you are in the u.s. and you are here on non-immigrant visa status for example B or F or M or J or all or P you can apply for extension now there is a difference between visa status visa step in your past or entirely did video on this previously so you can check it out and our YouTube channel if you're in the US and your your visa status is about to expire it doesn't matter what's in your passport it doesn't matter what stem you have in your past what matters is your status so if your status non-immigrant status is about to expire and you don't want to go back to your home country or you don't want to leave the country and you have a reason for it you can extend your status your status legal status in the US so let's take an example you are here as a tourist and you are here as a tourist for six months maybe you are visiting certain conferences or or business meetings and you want to extend your status you can do so if you submit the form by five three nine this form can be submitted either by mail or online if you create an alias account and you can do so you can find this account in the USCIS dugout there is a filing fee to 90 and make sure if you do that it's very important to state reasons why doing it and also you need to show your ties to your home country so make sure that if you are here as a tourist and you are extending your visa make sure that you there is a good reasoning behind it so they don't assume that you are going to work here illegally or do something else illegal because it sounds a little bit suspicious why you wanna stay here twelve months right so think about it if you're staying anyone X in your status for let's say another six months because you as a tourist you already got six months period if you want to stay extend for another six months make sure that you have a valid reason why you'd want to do it I'll make sure that you have a strong evidence that will support it so for example if you as I said if you want to attend another conferences you have like 20 more conferences in a row make sure they use that you also include the bank statement saying that you have for example twenty or thirty thousand dollars or maybe even more depends on your living expensive or very you staying while during your trip also make sure that you will submit evidence that is saying what's gonna happen with your video maybe with your job back home or maybe with your family you.


How long it takes to process I-539?
The processing time for Form I-539 varies depending on which service center handles your petition. Most I-539 petitions are handled in the Vermont Service Center, which typically takes about 12 13 16 months 14though it can be as short as 9 months for individuals seeking an extension of stay as a U or T nonimmigrant.
Where do I file my I-539 for B2?
Application to Extend USA Visitor Visa For U.S. Postal Service. USCIS. P.O. Box 660166. Dallas, TX 75266. For Express mail and courier deliveries. USCIS. Attn. I-539. 2501 S. State Highway 121 Business. Suite 400. Lewisville, TX 75067.
Can I file I-539 on my own?
Conditions to File Form I-539 Online. You may apply online to extend or change your nonimmigrant status if you meet the following conditions. You are applying. Only for yourself, without co-applicants; and.
When can I file extension for B2 visa?
We recommend that you apply to extend your stay at least 45 days before your authorized stay expires. You may apply to extend your stay if. You were lawfully admitted into the United States with a nonimmigrant visa.
How do I fill I-539 form for B2 extension?
0.24 2.07 Learn How to Fill the I-539 Form Application to Extend Change Non ... YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip In part 1 provide your name address. And country of birth and any identifying numbers that you haveMoreIn part 1 provide your name address. And country of birth and any identifying numbers that you have used for applying for previous visas or immigrant papers in part to indicate the application type.
When can I file I-539 extension?
Therefore, we suggest you file at least 45 days before your stay expires or as soon as you determine your need to change or extend status. Failure to file before the expiration date may be excused if you demonstrate when you file the application that. 1.
How much does it cost to file I-539?
The filing fee for Form I-539 is $400. There is no filing fee for A and G and NATO nonimmigrants. NOTE. The filing fee is not refundable, regardless of any action USCIS takes on this application. DO NOT MAIL CASH.
How long does it take for I-539 extension to be approved?
Typically it takes anywhere between 2.5 to 8 months to extend B2 Visa. After you file your Form I-539 with the USCIS Lockbox facility, a notice of receipt will be sent to your address within 4 to 6 weeks.
Who should fill I-539 form?
V, Spouse or Child of a Lawful Permanent Resident Use Form I-539 if you are physically present in the United States and wish to request initial status or change status to a V nonimmigrant, or to request an extension of your current V nonimmigrant status.
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