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How do I transfer an H1B visa to an F1?
So, you have three questions here. I am going to answer them in this order: how to do the change of status, whether you have to return to your country, and whether you’d be eligible to get an H-1B in the future.Change of status from H-1B to F-1For future readers, an H-1B is an employment visa. An employer sponsors someone who has (at least) a four-year degree to fill a position that the employer has open and cannot find an American citizen who has the right qualifications. An F-1 visa is a student visa.To change your status, you must file Form I-539. The thing to keep in mind here is that when you’re here on an F-1, you must have enough existing funds to support yourself during your stay. USCIS only allows extremely limited work options. In order for the USCIS to examine your financial ability to support yourself (and examine your petition), it’s going to take some time.Returning to your country and difficulty of changing statusNo, you do not have to return to your home country. Changing your status can take some time. You may have to do an interview. Your financial status will be examined. Your current H-1B would be void upon receiving the status change. So, based on the time it would take and what you would need to do to show your ability to self-support during your Master’s program, one could certainly consider that difficult. It is easier to do with the help of an immigration attorney.Getting another H-1B at the end of your studiesWhen you finish your Master’s program and if you can find an employer willing to sponsor you, yes you can get a second H-1B to finish out the time that you have left on your current H-1B.If you’d like to get help with your status transfer, consider LawTrades. Our legal marketplace has high-quality, vetted attorneys available to assist you. We offer things like affordable, transparent flat-fee pricing, end-to-end customer support and all projects are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Hope you give us a visit!
Can we convert an H4 visa to an F1 visa?
In general, it is possible to change status from H-4 to F-1 provided that you have the appropriate (I-20) documentation from the school you intend to attend.Note that H-4 is a dual intent visa, but F-1 is not, as a result, you may be denied the change of status if USCIS concludes that you have immigrant intent.Note also that change of status only applies while you are in the United States. If you are not in the United States and have a currently valid H-4 visa, but wish to obtain an F-1 visa, you must simply apply for an (entirely new) F-1 visa. While you can reuse some of the documentary evidence you collected for the H-4 visa for the F-1 application, it will be a new application.
How do you change a B1/B2 visa to an F1 visa?
You can change your status. In order to do that, You need to submit an application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a change of status. This option allows you to change your nonimmigrant status while remaining in the U.S. With this, you may gain a new status but you will not receive a new visa, visas are only issued outside the U.S.To change your status, you will need the following:Your I-94 card which lists you departures and arrival dates, along with the expiration date for your stayApply to an academic course of study at a college/university, once accepted, the school will issue an I-20 formUse the SEVIS ID number located on the top right corner of I-20, to fill out you SEVIS I-901 form and pay the required fee.Write a letter explaining why you want to change your status from B1 to F1.Fill out a form I-539 to change your nonimmigrant status from B1 to F1. Pay the filing fee.
How do I file change of Status within USA from H4 to F1?
Here’s your answer: Here are the things you will need.First of all an acceptance from an accredited school, a copy of the acceptance letter and a copy of a signed I-20 stating your department and your duration of status as a student. You will need to inform the school of your intention to change status from H1B to F1. Sign the Student Attestation section.And since you will be changing status, you will need to fill out an I-539 form (instructions here) and take out your check book for a hefty $370 filing fee, made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security. There may also be an additional $85 for biometrics. USCIS will reach out to you as to when and where you should show up for giving up your fingerprints, retina scan, hair sample, blood and perhaps one of your kidneys. And do you really need two lungs??And in the spirit of keeping up with expenses, write out another check for your I-901 SEVIS Fee. See here for payment. Send the copy of the receipt.And as if it was not already clear from your ability to drop a couple of hundreds, at the drop of USCIS hat, you will also need to produce finance support documents making them believe that you will be sufficiently loaded throughout the duration of your study.You need to submit a copy of your I-94 (you can print out an electronic copy).Photocopies of all your I-797 (Approval Notices), current and previous. Your I-797 will reflect the period since when you have been legal to work.Photocopies of your Passport, including your H1B visa page. Keep a copy of your expired passport, if any. Comes in handy if the dates in any of your forms are relevant to the validity period of your previous passport.While you are at it, send in copies of all immigration documents you’ve had • EAD, etc.Write a letter explaining your change of heart. Why school? Why now?Pay stubs from your current job and a letter verifying your employment from your current employer.A letter of support from your would-be adviser at your would-be school, helps.And finally, get all your documents (I-94 et al) prepared for your dependents, if any.Once all your paperwork is ready and copies are shelved in your folder for your bookkeeping, you should send in your documents (Read for address):[For US Postal Services • Express or Slow Coach]USCISP.O. Box 660166Dallas, TX 75266And[For Courier]USCISATTN: I-5392501 S. State Highway 121 BusinessSuite 400Lewisville, TX 75067Reference: H1B to F1 US Visa: Change of status and processing time | MBA Crystal Ball
How will USCIS• latest policy of "notice to appear"affect the change of status? My H4 to F1 (I-539) is pending since 4 months now.
As long as your H4 remains valid, there shouldn’t be an issue. If F1 is approved, you become a student. If F1 is denied, you will continue on H4. If however your H4 expires and F1 is denied, you may be subject to an NTA because you went out of legal status. On the other hand, if you do encounter the latter situation, you are out of status anyway.With lack of clarity on this new policy, it is time that’ll tell what this truly means.
How much time will be required for changing B1/2 visa status into work visa through I-539 form?
Visas are only for entry. I think you mean a Change of Status from B2 status to a work status.Change of Status from B2 to a work status is allowed, but a Change of Status to the E, H, L, O, P, Q, R or TN work statuses can only be done by the employer filing an I-129 petition for the work status. The employee cannot file I-539 to change to such a status.How long the I-129 takes depends on whether employer requests premium processing or not. If they do premium processing, it guarantees a response within 15 days of filing. If not, it can take several months. As long as the I-129 was filed before your status expired, you are allowed to stay in the US as long as it is pending even if you go out of status.
How long does USCIS take to approve or reject the I-539 form? Can I get the status within one month after my case was received?
It depends on the type of status you were applying for and the service center it was filed at. You can check the processing times here: USCIS Processing Time InformationTypically USCIS will reject a case relatively quickly. They reject cases if they see an obvious error such as missing/incorrect filing check, missing form, etc. They issue an RFE usually a few weeks after a case has been filed if they need more documentation from you. Right now it seems like USCIS is taking about 4–5 months to process an I-539 application.*I am not an attorney. Please do not misconstrue the above as legal advice*
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