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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Update uscis to publish revised form i 539 and new form i 539a on march 8

Instructions and Help about Update uscis to publish revised form i 539 and new form i 539a on march 8

Hello guys good morning everyone Good Wife I would like my young I got invited now oh my god welcome back to my channel my name is Lorelai and today I am going to share my green card interview experience at the USCIS Denver Colorado so today it's Friday my interview happened last January 16th Wednesday 1:45 p.m. at the USAF Denver Colorado so we left at the house like around 1 o'clock and then we arrived at the USDA s parking lot 1:30 and then we went to the entrance of the building there was a security gate in metal detector so the first thing that the security guard asked was the letter of appointment and then he also asked for our IDs so I showed him my passport and my husband showed him his driver's license so after that he told us that the interview will be held on the second floor so after we pass through the security gate we have to go to the second floor so we have to remove our shoes and then we have to put our bags also on the conveyor put our shoes in the conveyor and then pass through the metal detector and then went to the elevator and then we're already in the second floor so on the second floor there was also a security guard that will look for the appointment letter or the schedule letter and then after he checked our appointment letter he pointed us to go to the receptionist so I went to the receptionist I showed her my letter and in my passport I told her that we have an interview for 1:45 p.m. so she did something on our computer and then after that she told us to wait for a few minutes and then an interviewer would call us or an officer will call our names so we sat at the lobby for around five minutes and then there was a lady that called my husband's name not my name but my husband's name and then we stood up we approached her and then she guided us to her office so we went to her office and then she offered us to take a seat and then she did on a computer for like a few minutes and then after that she asked us to stand up to make a taking something like that so to to promise I cannot tell what the correct phrase or what the correct sentence she said but it's like I'm you promise to tell the correct or you promise to be honest with your answers something like that so I just have to say I do something like that and then after that we sat back again and then she asked for the appointment letter and she asked for the ID I gave her my passport and my mister also gave her his driver's license and then she also looked for my EAD card the.


If I publish on Smashwords and tick on the option to take a 30 percent tax, do I still need to fill out the tax form?
If you want to get any of that tax money back in your pocket, you will have to fill out the forms.Are you a US citizen? If not, you will need to obtain an ITIN using IRS form W-7. This will allow you to file the appropriate US tax return forms and claim a refund. Depending on your country of residence, the refund could be up to 100% of the tax collected. With an ITIN, you will usually be exempt from the 30% withholding and will not be required to fill out any US tax returns at the end of the year (unless you actually reside in the US, but that is a far more complicated situation). The ITIN application process can be a royal pain in the behind, especially if you wait until after the taxes have been withheld.If your book only makes a few dollars, the hassle is not worth it. But if you hit the self-publishing lottery, you will definitely want to apply for that refund.
I'm starting a new job and on the forms I have to fill out, they ask for a copy of my driver's license. Will a learner's license suffice?
In the US, as long as you're not applying for a job which requires you to drive, it should probably be ok.u00a0 Most employers use a driver's license or State-issued ID card as a way of establishing that you're actually who you say you are.u00a0If the job does require a valid driver's license, you aren't qualified for that position yet.u00a0 The job posting may have listed minimum requirements.u00a0 But if you're working at a desk or front counter or in a restaurant (not delivering), the lack of a driver's license probably isn't a big deal.
How long will it take to update my mobile number and email ID on my Aadhaar card? Earlier, no mobile number was there. I went to an Aadhaar office and filled out a form to update the mobile number and email ID.
I have also modified my Mobile number once for my aadhar, and next name was rectified for my wife.I have observed the updated card is received within 15 days. There might be postal delay. And you can download the updated card yourself also.
Is there a non-developer solution to leveraging an API not served by Zapier or Tray.io? We run on TradeGecko (and Xero). Both have an API. I'd like to publish a form for new customers to fill which would create a new customer in TradeGecko.
That is a bummer that TradeGecko isnu2019t on these platforms. It would greatly open up their universe to a lot of opportunities. We work with companies to help them build custom connectors with these platforms so know the space well. They should talk to us :) (or if you wanted us to do that we could implement for you).Anyways, Tray.io | Save Time Building Integrations is coming out with something that would make this possible but not available yet.All the major players (Tray.io, Workato.com and Zapier.com are some of my favorites) allow for posting to a generic url endpoint. So you could use that connector to post directly to their API. Weu2019d have to look at the specifics of the TradeGecko api to see how doable it would be, but should be an option for now until they built an integration solution.
I want to apply for MCA in JNU but the form fill up is in the month of March and exam is on May but my final exam is in the month of May how can I apply for JNU without graduation certificate?
There is always a scope for you kind of pupil, all you should say is that your result is awaited and they permit you and issue the Hall-Ticket.
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